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8 New Romance Manhwa To Read

Romance manhwa webcomics hold a special appeal for readers due to their ability to deliver captivating narratives that explore the complexities of love and relationships in a visually stunning format.

With their richly drawn characters, intricate plotlines, and emotionally resonant storytelling, romance manhwa webcomics offer readers an immersive experience that allows them to escape into worlds filled with passion, longing, and heartfelt connections.


Our Top Romance Manhwas for 2024

From slow-burn romances that build tension over time to passionate love stories that sweep readers off their feet, romance manhwa webcomics cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Wondering where to start? These 8 new romance manhwas are all hot off the press!

1. What Kind of Rice Cake Is This

“What Kind of Rice Cake Is This” is a delightful campus romance manhwa that follows the story of Gong Siru, a college student who finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of emotions when Seol Kibaek, a returning student, enters her life.

Struggling with a waning interest in college life, Siru’s world is turned upside down by Kibaek’s charming presence. However, a drunken encounter leads to a moment of confusion for Siru as she kisses someone without being certain of their identity.

This incident sets off a tangled web of relationships and emotions, as Siru grapples with her feelings for Kibaek while forming an unexpected connection with Jo Chung.

As love and confusion intertwine, “What Kind of Rice Cake Is This” delivers a heartwarming and humorous exploration of campus romance and the complexities of young love.

With its engaging plot and endearing characters, “What Kind of Rice Cake Is This” offers readers a delightful glimpse into the ups and downs of college life and the unpredictable nature of love.

As Siru navigates the twists and turns of her romantic entanglements, readers are treated to a charming and relatable tale filled with laughter, heartache, and ultimately, the joy of finding love in unexpected places.

2. My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago

“My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago” presents a captivating tale of love transcending time, as Jiang He, a girl from the Tang Dynasty, finds herself transported a thousand years into the future and into the life of Xu Qing.

Their encounter, seemingly guided by fate, sparks a romance that defies the boundaries of time itself. For Jiang He, the world she once knew has faded into the annals of history, leaving behind loved ones, friends, and adversaries from over a millennium ago.

Yet, with Xu Qing by her side, she embarks on a journey to forge a new life in this unfamiliar era. As they navigate the challenges of their newfound reality, Jiang He and Xu Qing experience everything it means to be human, from pain and confusion to joy and laughter.

Together, they defy the constraints of time and embrace the opportunity to build a future filled with hope and love in this enchanting tale of passion enduring across centuries.

3. As You Wish, Prince

“As You Wish, Prince” invites readers into a delightful romantic comedy full of whimsy and fantasy. Yoonsoo, a successful author of a beloved fantasy series in the real world, finds herself thrust into the very world she created when Imperial Prince Einzen Kyte, the nefarious villain from her books, kidnaps her into her own story.

Caught in a surreal and unexpected turn of events, Yoonsoo must navigate the challenges of her fantasy world while grappling with the presence of the character she once crafted as the ultimate antagonist.

As she finds herself entangled in a series of comedic and sticky situations, Yoonsoo’s journey becomes a charming exploration of love, creativity, and the power of storytelling. With its engaging premise and lighthearted humor, “As You Wish, Prince” offers readers a delightful escape into a world where imagination knows no bounds and love can blossom in the most unexpected of places.

4. The Best of Tomorrow

In “The Best of Tomorrow,” readers are drawn into a mesmerizing story of second chances and heartfelt devotion. Im-sol, an ordinary college student concealing her admiration for Ryu Seonjae, a member of the popular idol group “Kamjajeon”, finds her world shattered when Seonjae tragically passes away.

However, Im-sol’s life takes an unexpected turn when drowning her sorrows in soju alcohol, she mysteriously travels back in time six years. Confronted with the miraculous sight of Seonjae alive before her, Im-sol is determined to rewrite history and prevent his untimely demise, embarking on a mission to save him and alter the course of destiny.

“The Best of Tomorrow” weaves a poignant narrative of love, loss, and resilience, captivating readers with its blend of romance, suspense, and time-travel intrigue as Im-sol confronts her past and fights for a brighter tomorrow.

5. In the Jungle With My Boss

“In the Jungle With My Boss” immerses readers in an exhilarating tale of survival and unexpected romance. When reserved secretary Mo Yeonhee finds herself unexpectedly summoned by her boss, Kang Hajun, to join him on a business trip, she never anticipates the adventure that awaits.

However, their journey takes a perilous turn when their helicopter malfunctions, forcing them to make an emergency jump into the jungle below. Now stranded alone in the wilderness, Yeonhee and Hajun must navigate the dangers of the jungle and rely on each other to survive.

As they face the challenges of their precarious situation, the bond between Yeonhee and Hajun deepens, and they discover unexpected strengths and vulnerabilities within themselves. Will they find a way to overcome the obstacles before them and make it back home safely, or will they be lost forever in the unforgiving jungle? “In the Jungle With My Boss” promises readers a thrilling adventure filled with suspense, romance, and the timeless theme of love blossoming in the most unlikely of places.

6. Will You Be My Male Lead?

“Will You Be My Male Lead?” takes readers on a captivating journey of love, determination, and self-discovery. Yeo Ju, determined to confess her feelings to her childhood friend through a novel, finds herself unexpectedly bound by a publishing contract when she signs with a publishing company.

Despite her initial frustration, Yeo Ju is drawn to the male lead of her novel, who embodies the perfect and caring qualities she admires. As she navigates the complexities of her own romantic entanglements, Yeo Ju’s endearing personality shines through, despite her occasional obliviousness.

With her unwavering determination and comedic charm, Yeo Ju proves that she is more than capable of making things happen and deserves happiness in her own right.

“Will You Be My Male Lead?” promises readers a delightful blend of romance, humor, and heartwarming moments as Yeo Ju embarks on a quest to find love and fulfillment in her own life.

7. Positively Yours

“Positively Yours” delves into the tumultuous journey of Hee-won as she navigates unexpected twists and turns in her love life. Crushed by the news of her two best friends dating, Hee-won decides to let loose for just one night and finds solace in the arms of a handsome stranger.

What begins as a one-time encounter takes an unexpected turn when Hee-won discovers she’s pregnant. Faced with the reality of impending motherhood and the presence of a stranger in her life, Hee-won must grapple with her emotions and uncertainties.

Doo-joon, the father of her unborn child, is determined to do the right thing and marry her, despite their status as essentially strangers. As they navigate the complexities of their budding relationship, Hee-won and Doo-joon find themselves drawn together by their shared intimacy and the prospect of impending parenthood.

“Positively Yours” promises readers a rollercoaster of emotions as Hee-won and Doo-joon embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and the challenges of building a family under sudden and unforeseen circumstances.

8. Mythical Errand

“Mythical Errand” unfolds an enchanting tale of college student Hera Kang, whose ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn when she agrees to carry out an errand for her professor, unaware that he is a centuries-old deity.

Tasked with a momentous decision, Hera must choose between two beings—a shapeshifting fox and a snake—who vie for the chance to ascend to godhood by receiving the amulet in her possession.

As Hera grapples with the weight of her choice, she is thrust into a world of myth and magic, where ancient powers and timeless creatures collide. With her decision poised to shape the destiny of these beings and alter the balance of the supernatural realm, Hera embarks on a journey of self-discovery and destiny, navigating a landscape where reality and myth converge.

“Mythical Errand” promises readers an immersive and fantastical adventure filled with intrigue, suspense, and the timeless allure of the unknown.

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Whether readers are seeking sweet and heartwarming tales or steamy and dramatic romances, romance manhwa webcomics offer an endless array of stories to satisfy their craving for love, passion, and happily-ever-afters.

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