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Frequently Asked Questions about Scanlation Releases

I. Are you people the creators of the manhwa(s) on internet?

  • We’re not the creators, we’re scanlators (translator and editor) and we make fan-scanlation, and we do not have advance chapters of the series either.
    So don’t ask us about any content that is not included in released chapters, we cannot give you the right answers.

II. When will the chapter(s) get released?

  1. It will be released when it’s ready, or when the one(s) working on it like to.
    For examples, there are people/groups want to make early access for their patrons/donors (on Patreon or any similar form of donation), or they want to make mass release(s) for the serie(s); but also there are people who release instantly when they’re done working on the chapter(s), etc.
  2. Unlike big groups doing SFW series, majority of NSFW (hentai, adult manhwa, porn comic) scanlators are all non-profit, they don’t gain anything from doing this and they’re doing this as a hobby, in their spare time; some of them are still students, and some have to pay money for Japanese/Korean/Chinese raw chapters to translate from.
    Therefore, expect slow release if they’re busy or having any other issues.
  3. Depends on the sources that people/groups get raw chapters from, and the type of series (hentai, adult manhwa, porn comic) that they’re working on, they may be able to get the raw chapters by themselves, or they will have to rely on, buy from other people for the raw chapters (these people are called “raw provider”)
  4. If people are able to get raw chapter as normal, especially for Korean manhwa, the release schedule will be the same every week (if there is no problem arises or they decide to change anything).

III. Why is the manhwa release slower than usual. And how comes people (raw provider) get banned?

  1. They don’t know how to leech raw chapters properly and get detected, banned by auto tracking modules and security systems of the websites.
  2.  Depends on the sources where people get raw chapters from, there may be codes embedded inside the chapters, in the form of watermark or something similar, which contain information about account and payment.
    People don’t know how to clean these codes throughoutly, so they get banned if officials find out.
  3. Since they get banned and cannot get original Korean raw chapters, they have to wait for Chinese raw chapters and translate from them. And Chinese raw release is often later than original Korean raw release.
    => There is no massive ban wave or what, only noobs get banned, every legit buyers are fine.