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Top 10 Office Romance Manga

Office romance Manga has been making waves in 2024, offering readers an escape into the nuanced world of workplace relationships.

These stories vary greatly; some capture the subtle, everyday interactions that slowly build into love, while others are fast-paced and passionate. Come and indulge in the charm of love blossoming amidst office desks and coffee breaks.

Best Office Romance Manga to Read in 2024

  1. Ganbare, Douki-chan

Translated to “Do Your Best, Douki-chan”, this charming Manga began its journey on the illustrator Yomu’s Twitter account and has since captured the hearts of many. The premise revolves around Douki-chan, an office lady who secretly harbors feelings for her colleague, Douki-kun.

Despite working together every day, Douki-chan struggles to muster the courage to confess her feelings. The situation becomes even more complicated with the presence of a younger kouhai co-worker and a senpai from a related company, both of whom are also interested in Douki-kun.

This delightful tale captures the subtle dynamics of office romance, highlighting the humorous and heartfelt moments of trying to navigate love in a professional setting. And of course, it is delightfully full of fanservice.

  1. My Senpai from Work… is Tiny and Cute

“My Senpai from Work… is Tiny and Cute” captures the sweet and endearing dynamics between Takuma Shinozaki, an office worker, and his senior team member, Shiori Katase. Katase is not only gorgeous but also profoundly kind and loving, despite her diminutive stature. She takes care of and coddles Shinozaki, much to his delight and slight confusion.

As Shinozaki becomes increasingly hopeful that Katase’s attentions aren’t just out of a sense of duty, her joy in looking after him starts to reveal her true feelings. This charming office romance explores the tender moments and growing affection between colleagues, making it the perfect read for anyone who enjoys heartwarming and genuine relationships.

  1. I Love Yoo

“I Love Yoo” is a slow-burning story that eventually develops into a fantastic office romance Manga. It centers on Shin-Ae Yoo, a teenager navigating the hardships of life while trying to avoid trouble.

Her life, marked by pain and misfortune from the start, is anything but easy. Shin-Ae is determined to keep people at a distance and has sworn off romance altogether, finding solace in her unsocial and uneventful existence.

However, everything changes when she accidentally ruins the clothes of an unsuspecting stranger. This incident thrusts her into the lives of two wealthy brothers who are at odds with each other.

As Shin-Ae becomes entangled in their world, her resolve to remain detached is put to the test, challenging her beliefs about love and connection. This engaging story explores themes of personal growth, relationships, and the unexpected turns life can take.

  1. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” revolves around the unique dynamic between the handsome, wealthy, and arrogant Vice President Youngjoon and his legendary secretary, Miso.

For nine long years, Miso has flawlessly managed her narcissistic boss’s whims, earning a reputation for her unparalleled patience and efficiency. However, when Miso decides it’s time to quit, Youngjoon’s world is thrown into disarray.

Desperate to keep his perfect secretary, Youngjoon finds himself grappling with feelings he has never confronted before. “Please don’t quit, my perfect secretary!” he pleads, setting off a series of humorous and heartfelt events.

This official comic, based on the original hit novel and adapted into a popular Korean TV drama, masterfully blends romance and comedy, creating an engaging narrative about love, work, and the surprises life brings.

  1. No Office Romance!

Are first loves overrated? Or, can a reunion as adults rekindle the emotions of the past? “No Office Romance!” explores this intriguing question through the story of Yunji and Saebom, whose first love story was abruptly interrupted by a decade-long separation. Now as adults, they appear to have moved on from that unfinished chapter, agreeing to remain friends and coworkers.

However, beneath the surface lies an unspoken tension that suggests their story is far from over. As they navigate their professional relationship, lingering feelings and unresolved emotions bubble up, challenging their resolve to stay just friends.

Will Yunji and Saebom manage to keep their relationship strictly professional, or does destiny have other plans for them? This engaging narrative delves into the complexities of love, time, and the possibilities of rekindling a flame thought long extinguished.

  1. Office Romance from Hell

Dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job, Jineon, her family’s breadwinner, has no time to cry over spilled milk. She urgently needs to find another job. Enter “The Hell”, a mysterious company boasting great pay, excellent work-life balance, and an easy commute! It seems like the perfect opportunity—or so she thinks.

Little does she know, she has literally walked into hell. The job is nothing like she expected, and the workplace is a harrowing journey into an infernal landscape. To make matters even more complicated, her new boss, King Yeomra, is stunning and enigmatic, further complicating everything. Amidst the chaos and challenges, Jineon must navigate this treacherous environment.

But could love possibly blossom in this pit of doom? This captivating story delves into the trials of an enormously unexpected workplace and the surprising turns life can take, even in the most hellish of circumstances.

  1. Sixth Sense Kiss

Yesul Hong has a secret—when she kisses someone, she can see flashes of their future. Unfortunately, she’s never met the right guy. When they kiss and she can’t even see herself in their destiny, it is instantly disappointing.

She doesn’t get much use out of her ability until one day when she accidentally kisses her evil boss, Minhu Cha, who’s got a secret of his own. To her utter shock, she sees a vision of herself… in bed with him! As if that’s not confusing enough, she shows up to work the next day to find out that her first love has been hired to work in her department.

Now, Yesul must navigate the complexities of her newfound abilities and the tangled web of relationships in her life. Will she be able to survive working with the man she wished had been her destiny and the man she’s destined to be with? This intriguing tale explores the consequences of unexpected visions and the unpredictable nature of fate in matters of the heart.

  1. Quiet in the Office!

Work-life balance is a distant dream for Nayul, thanks to her demanding boss, Sijin, who constantly pushes her to work overtime. As if that weren’t enough, Nayul’s relationship crumbles under the weight of her demanding job. Frustrated and at her breaking point, Nayul confronts Sijin in his office, only to stumble upon a shocking scene—her boss pleasuring himself.

Despite the initial shock, Nayul finds herself strangely drawn to Sijin’s forbidden act. Before she knows it, she’s entangled in a passionate encounter with her boss, igniting a fiery colleagues-with-benefits relationship.

However, as their secret liaison heats up, Nayul must grapple with the challenge of keeping their forbidden affair hidden from her judgmental ex-boyfriend and the watchful eyes of her gossiping coworkers.

Will Nayul’s steamy office escapades lead to liberation or disaster? This sizzling workplace romance explores the blurred lines between desire, secrecy, and professional boundaries in the high-pressure environment of corporate life.

  1. The RUNWAY

Jian, an editor at The Runway, a prestigious fashion magazine, finds herself reeling from the betrayal of her ex-fiance’s affair. Seeking solace and escape, she impulsively flees to Paris, where a chance encounter with a mysterious and captivating stranger leads to a passionate one-night stand. Despite the brief and intense connection, Jian returns home to her life in Seoul, never expecting to see her Parisian paramour again.

However, fate has other plans in store for Jian when she discovers that her new boss at The Runway is none other than the enigmatic Frenchman from her unforgettable night in Paris. As Jian grapples with the shock of this unexpected revelation, she finds herself navigating a complex web of professional ambition, personal desire, and unresolved emotions.

With tensions running high and secrets lurking beneath the surface, Jian must confront the lingering effects of her whirlwind encounter in Paris as she navigates the high-stakes world of fashion journalism.

  1. Dekinai Futari

Nao Shirafuji and Takahito Kurose may be coworkers engaged in fierce competition for top sales each month, but few know the secret that lies beneath their professional rivalry—they were once high school sweethearts.

Despite their current dynamic of squabbling like cats and dogs in the workplace, Nao and Takahito share a complicated history that dates back to their shared romantic past.

Their teenage romance came to an abrupt end due to a hurtful remark uttered by Takahito during a pivotal moment in their relationship. Now, years later, as they navigate the cutthroat world of corporate competition, unresolved feelings linger beneath their outward animosity. With tensions running high and old wounds still fresh, Nao and Takahito must confront their past while grappling with the complexities of their present-day relationship.

Will they find a way to reconcile their conflicting emotions and rediscover the love they once shared, or are some wounds simply too deep to heal?

Top Office Romance Manga and Webtoons

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