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Top 9 Adult Manhwas You Need To Read 2024

Manhwas have surged in popularity, captivating readers around the globe. These Korean graphic novels offer a rich tapestry of genres and narratives, making them a perfect choice for readers with a more mature pallet. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer, our curated list of must-read adult manhwas for 2024 promises to captivate and entertain. From gripping dramas to thrilling fantasies, these adult manhwas offer something for everyone. Dive into tales of love, power, and personal growth, and discover why these stories are essential reads.

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Breaking the Stereotype: Comics, Manga, and Manhwas 

Many people mistakenly believe that comics, manga, and webcomics are only for children because of their illustrated nature. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, a significant portion of these mediums is aimed at adult readers, tackling complex themes and mature content. In Asia, it’s entirely normal for adults to enjoy these forms of storytelling, with genres ranging from hot dramas and romance to psychological thrillers and beyond. As we explore the must-read adult manhwas of 2024, you’ll discover a world of stories rich in depth and sophistication, designed to engage and inspire adult audiences.

Join us as we explore the standout manhwas of 2024, each selected for its compelling narrative and stunning art.

9 Adult Manhwas You Need To Read In 2024

1.The Evil Lady’s Hero

Junipe Magnolia, known as the villainess friend of the heroine Rael Cania, has always harbored intense feelings for, Iseed. Her jealousy drives her to harass Rael, leading to her inevitable demise at the hands of Iseed. However, one day, Junipe finds herself inexplicably transported into the body of this infamous character.

With one year left until her fated death, Junipe resolves to change her destiny. Determined to meet Iseed and Rael, she believes she can find a way to avoid her grim fate. But as she gets to know Iseed, she discovers a side of him that is tender-hearted and kind, far from the merciless figure she expected. Can Junipe escape her destined death and rewrite her story, or will her newfound feelings for Iseed complicate her plans? “The Evil Lady’s Hero” is a captivating tale of redemption, love, and the struggle to change one’s fate, making it a must-read for fans of hot and spicy romantic manhwa.

2. Call Me Master

“Help me uphold my old image, and you’ll be freed.” His reply? “I’ll make you regret ever requesting that, my master.”

A tense and heated relationship begins when Ananse, a female slave owner, falls into trouble and loses her memory. If anyone finds out, she will be killed. She then builds a lie to salvage her reputation by making a deal with Solteo, a slave who carries a deep hatred for her.

This adult manhwa heats up quickly and is brimming with drama. Expect elegant and emotive artwork that complements the story’s intensity. Any reader in the mood for intrigue, tension, and a complex love triangle would be remiss not to give this sizzling adult manhwa a try.

3. Totem Realm

Totem’s Realm is a surprisingly steamy and captivating adult manhwa that plunges readers into an exotic and perilous world. Sera, an ordinary office worker, finds herself stranded on a remote island after a series of unfortunate events. Captured by a native tribe, her fate takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious, Tarzan-esque man rescues her.

This enigmatic stranger, who is also fleeing from the same tribes, becomes her protector and guide as they navigate the dangers of the island. The dynamic between Sera and her rescuer is charged with tension and intrigue, drawing readers into their harrowing journey for survival.

As Sera struggles to understand her new surroundings, she begins to develop a unique power that baffles her. This newfound ability adds another layer of complexity to her already precarious situation. Alongside this, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the mysterious man who saved her. Their growing attraction adds an element of romance to the narrative, blending seamlessly with the action and suspense. “Totem’s Realm” is a thrilling ride that combines adventure, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural, making it a must-read for fans of adult manhwa.

4. High Society

A tantalizing blend of romance, drama, and social intrigue. Cesare, a wealthy and ambitious young man, is determined to escape the confines of an arranged marriage. In a twist of fate, he encounters Adele, a resilient shoeshine girl from the slums. Intrigued by her tenacity and spirit, Cesare proposes a daring plan: a three-month deal where Adele pretends to be his fiancée, helping him evade the impending marriage.

Adele, unlike any woman Cesare has ever known, captivates him with her authenticity and strength. As they navigate the challenges of their agreement, Cesare finds himself increasingly drawn to her genuine nature, contrasting starkly with the superficiality of his high society world. Their relationship blossoms amidst the deception, leading to unexpected emotions and deeper connections. “High Society” is a captivating tale of love, class, and the transformative power of authenticity, making it a must-read for fans of romantic drama.

5.The Woodsman and the Stag

In this BL adult manhwa the majestic stag god, Cheongyeon, finds himself in a dire situation, trapped by a ruthless hunter. His salvation comes in the form of Mooksan, a seemingly humble woodsman who intervenes just in time. Grateful and intrigued, Cheongyeon realizes that this man possesses something extraordinary that has been missing from his heavenly realm.

As Cheongyeon brings Mooksan to heaven, he quickly discovers that this woodsman is far from ordinary. Mooksan harbors secrets and powers that even the gods themselves might envy. Their journey together unfolds in a series of mystical events, where bonds are forged, and destinies are intertwined. “The Woodsman and the Stag” is a captivating narrative filled with adventure, magic, and unexpected twists, making it an essential read for those who love a blend of fantasy and heartfelt storytelling.

6. Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me

Single mother Olivia stumbles upon Damian, a mysterious man lying injured on the streets, and takes him into her home. Little does she know, this act of kindness will ignite a fiery and perilous romance. As they share a passionate kiss, Damian discovers that his werewolf instincts, usually suppressed by a special drug, are kept at bay when he is with Olivia.

This revelation turns his world upside down, and he becomes determined to keep her close, regardless of the consequences. As their connection deepens, Damian must navigate the dangers of his true nature while Olivia grapples with the complexities of their relationship. “Werewolves Going Crazy Over Me” is a thrilling and romantic tale of love, survival, and the lengths one will go to for the person who completes them, making it a must-read for fans of adult supernatural romance manhwas.


After suddenly becoming an orphan, young Isnelda is sent to live with her cold and distant relatives, counting down the days until she can claim her inheritance and escape their oppressive grip. Life seems bleak until she reaches adulthood, when an unexpected benefactor reenters her life. This mysterious figure opens her eyes to a dazzling world filled with wealth, greed, lust, and… magic?

As Isnelda navigates this new reality, she finds herself torn between the rekindled feelings for her first love and the undeniable attraction to her hero. With newfound powers and the complexities of adult relationships, Isnelda’s journey is fraught with danger and temptation. “Isnelda” is a mesmerizing tale of love, power, and self-discovery, making it an unmissable read for those who enjoy intricate plots and rich, magical worlds.

8. Opening Up Prince Charming With the Right Strategy

In order to recover her lost memories, a formidable female tyrant is thrust into an extraordinary mission: she must traverse the multiverse and capture the hearts of all the Prince Charmings she encounters. But there’s a catch—each Prince Charming is the perfect male lead for an ideal Mary Sue type character.

As she navigates through different worlds, our protagonist faces challenges that test her wits, charm, and resilience. Each encounter with a Prince Charming brings unique obstacles and unexpected emotions. “Opening Up Prince Charming With the Right Strategy” is a captivating journey through love, strategy, and self-discovery, filled with humor and heartwarming moments. This story is a delightful blend of romance and adventure, making it a must-read for fans of multiverse fantasies and romantic escapades.

9. Obscene Contract

Hana Won has spent a decade working as an analyst for a domestic baseball team, driven by her long-standing crush on her former classmate and MLB player, Jinhwon Kim. She meticulously records every detail about him, hoping for the day they would reunite. Fate seems to smile upon her when Jinhwon announces his return to South Korea to join Hana’s baseball team.

However, Hana’s dreams are shattered when Jinhwon fails to recognize her and coldly rejects her heartfelt confession. Heartbroken and desperate, Hana resorts to blackmailing Jinhwon into a contractual relationship, setting the stage for a series of unexpected challenges. As they navigate this uneasy agreement, both Hana and Jinhwon must confront their true feelings and the complexities of their pasts.

Top Adult Manhwas To Read In 2024

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